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  1. Selling The Carbon Tax and the Role of Celebrity


    I ADORE Cate Blanchett. Who wouldn’t?

    She’s stunningly beautiful, seems like a lovely person, promotes the arts (including Australian theatre), has had an amazing international career as an actor, all while raising a family.

    Unfortunately, for all of these reasons she is completely the wrong person to be fronting a campaign to garner support for the carbon tax.

    To the typical Australian, the carbon tax debate has at its heart a big question – will a carbon tax compromise my way of life? Will I have to make compromises to my already difficult lifestyle to have a greener future?

    People are not yet willing to believe (and nor do we know) if we can have our cake and eat it too. Unfortunately, high profile actors such as Blanchett and Michael Caton don’t have the credibility to tell people their lives won’t be compromised. Continue to read here

    This article originally appeared in The Australian on 30.05.2011.