Man Up. Speak Up.


The following is more a diary entry and slightly inappropriate for LinkedIn but I wanted to capture the project somewhere (I’ve stolen this from my LinkedIn profile

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the Man Up TV series shown on ABC. The series was funded in large part by Movember, it was researched by the University of Melbourne, and was produced by Heiress Films. It was an incredible experience to be a part of.

The series involved MMM host Gus Worland travel around Australia trying to find the reason why so many men end up killing themselves. Armed with some insights he ends up coming to myself and Adam Hunt (a wonderfully talented advertising creative) and we end up making the following ad, aimed at talking to blokes.


The ad is based off the insight that we all cry and express emotion as kids, but along the way something happens and society tells guys to shut up and that can be harmful. It’s had no paid media support and has had over 80 million views from around the world.  It was also voted as one of the Top 10 Best ads of 2016.

Advertising agencies and media owners are all complicit in telling guys to shut up in our own ways – by feeding the stereotype of blokes back to blokes because it’s easier and more profitable than broadening our horizons (I talk about this here with the MMM Grill team below). So to get the chance to broaden this and help create something constructive was a joy.  Much thanks to Movember, the ABC, MMM and The Grill Team, Heiress (especially Jen and Jackie), Adam Hunt, and in particular a very amazing man Gus Worland for letting me play a small role in this wonderful series.

If you know a bloke who could do with a bit of a cry, or has trouble expressing themselves, or being heard then please pass this on. All the amazing content is housed at

This program complements some of the other activities my agency is proudly doing with Movember including Suicide Notes Talk to Late, and MAYEIGHT!! (have a look below)